Moe + Ella

Maternity portraits are something that I love to see but rarely get the chance to shoot.  By the time that I had discovered that any of my girlfriends were expecting, we were already living in different states, so I had missed that opportunity to document them. 

But as luck would have it,  I was recently contacted by Ella to shoot her maternity photos a few weeks ago.  

The first time that Ella and I had chatted was on the phone.  We were tossing ideas back and forth about what she wanted her shoot to be, along with outfits, hair, makeup--all of that fun girl stuff.

We had been planning for almost two weeks I think-trying to find the perfect spot, day, and lighting.  But we kept running into obstacles trying to get this shoot off of the ground.  

First it was the weather.  We were cursed by rainstorms.  Then the day of the shoot, our location was not ready.  Originally we had planned on shooting at the Lyndale Rose Gardens in Minneapolis.  But the day of the shoot I had arrived early to find that there were no roses in the rose garden....

Instead, flowerless dirt mounds.

Luckily, there was another garden across the way.  The Lyndale Park Peace Garden.  At first I was skeptical since we had been planning Ella's outfit and style around the roses.  And there weren't any roses or really any kind of flower in the Peace Garden.  Then to top it all off, it was extremely sunny.  Not ideal for what we were going for.  But sometimes you just have to work with the circumstances that you're handed in these situations.  

Especially when we were on a literal time crunch.  Ella was getting pretty close to her due date.  

All in all, the day ended up having perfect weather.  We were able to capture a lot of great shots and everything worked out.  Ella and Moe are such a fun, laid back couple.  They were honestly one of my favorite to shoot.  And poor Ella dealt with uncomfortable (yet fashionable) shoes all for the sake of the photos..yet I'm not really sure that we even captured many displaying her feet. 


So where do I even begin to describe Jasmine...

Jasmine is one of those people that when you first meet her, she's very hard to read.  This was actually a bit of a concern for me when we first started talking about doing her photo shoot.  For me, I need to feel connected and get a sense of who someone is before I can take their photograph.  And there has to be a reciprocated openness stemming from the other person while I'm shooting, otherwise the shoot will result in your standard, stiff/no personality set of images.  

But the more I got to know Jasmine, the more evident it became that she definitely wasn't lacking in the personality department-and I mean that in the nicest way possible.  Jasmine is actually quite funny, blunt, and down to earth.  I was pleasantly surprised considering how the world of Jasmine appears to be mostly Chanel and Christian Louboutin at first glance.  But Jasmine is actually an extremely hard worker.  She's studied business management, journalism, mass communications, and she's been working on her MBA.  

When we first started planning her shoot, we were tossing out ideas for different locations and then had decided to shoot them at the Gurthrie Theater in Minneapolis.  I had only ever been to the Gurthrie once before and barely explored during that time.  To be honest, I felt as though we may be somewhat limited to our shooting areas since what I had researched online of the Guthrie didn't show much variety.  But day of shooting, we actually ended up with so many different shots in different areas of the theater-each having their own unique feel.  




I first met Emily when we briefly worked together.   When we first started talking about boudoir, we were discussing it only because Valentine's day was approaching.  And then I mentioned that she may want to include a friend to make the overall experience more fun.  Her friend Lauren was interested and so we booked at room at The Common Hotel in Minneapolis.  That hotel is one of my favorite places to shoot.  Everything from the lobby to the bar and of course, the rooms, are so stylish and cute.  

Day of the shoot the girls had some wine so that they could relax and while they were getting their makeup done by my good friend and makeup artist Courtney Thompson.  

And the whole day was just such a blast.  We definitely utilized every bit of space in that hotel room.  From the bed, the chair and ottoman and even the shower.  Those photos will be left out of this post for obvious reasons...but it was one of my favorite boudoir sessions yet.